Prevent Nature Deficit Disorder

August 2, 2016
by Andrew Ainsworth

The best medicine money can’t buy; Nature

It’s no secret that kids are spending less and less time outside playing. The National Recreation and Parks Association  says that today only 25% of American children are playing outside on a daily basis. Contrast that to just a generation ago where 75% of American children were outside playing daily. The list of reasons for this trend is not only extensive but wide in diversity. Eating your veggies  is important, but getting outside to play provides many intangible benefits for overall health that broccoli just can’t provide. So lets trade out sedentary indoor activities for new and exciting outdoor choices!

Here are 5 Easy Ways to stay active and Play Outside in Rockwall

  1. Take an Archery Class in Harry Myers Park: Archery Camp Dates HERE
  2. Catch Pokemon on the Rockwall Pokemon Trail
  3. Walk your dog at Phelps Lake – Trust us your dog will love it out there
  4. Grab some friends and play Whiffle Ball on the Whiffle Ball field at Northshore Park
  5. Take the kids to 1 of our 3 Spraygrounds

Whatever you decide to do,  prescribe yourself the best medicine money can’t buy, nature!


I’m originally from Round Rock just north of Austin. I’m a 2011 graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station(Whoop!). I love to be outside and probably my greatest outdoor activity would have to be fishing or camping. I like to kayak fish on Phelps Lake here in Rockwall or on Hubbard if the weather is nice.