New Preschool and Youth Dance Classes Starting!

September 1, 2016
by Drew Jones

Looking for a dance classes for your child to learn at a young age?!  Check out the benefits of enrolling your child in dance today!

According to the National Dance Education Organization, “dance is “basic to learning,” and provides a very natural method to learn expression and develop physical, emotional, and social skills.”

Here are four reasons children should become involved in dance early on:

Increased physical and cognitive development.
Children can gain strength and endurance while involved in dance. Toddlers use creative movement that facilitates natural easy play.  This demonstrates proper motor skills and creates building blocks for future learning.

Social skill development.
Through dance your child will learn to work as a team, how to take turns, and how to develop friendships, while learning to follow directions.

Increased self-esteem and confidence.
By learning to become comfortable in their skin, young dancers can work to understand their bodies and often develop a more confident attitude. This confidence lasts a lifetime.

Educational development.
By learning ballet early, children experience the foundation of dance. Dancers learn tap for rhythm and musicality, jazz for energy, and performance and creative movement for confidence.

Register for preschool & youth age dance classes w/ Ms. Kristine here!


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