Texas Parks and Wildlife urban biologist Sam Kieschnick visits Stone Creek Park in Rockwall

March 9, 2017
by Andrew Ainsworth

Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) urban biologist Sam Kieschnick recently visited Stone Creek Park and spotted quite a few different critters and plants

Sam Kieschnick, urban biologist for TPWD, recently made a trip out to Stone Creek Park here in Rockwall. What he found surprised and impressed him. The list of creatures and plants he found included 1 amphibian, 9 birds, 1 mammal, 13 different insects, and 9 plants identified. Sam logged what he saw and you can view it by clicking  here. Below you can see a Common Buckeye butterfly and Eastern Bluebird . Sam identified both of these creatures while spending time in Stone Creek Park.

*Photo Credits Sam Kieschnick

Nature is everywhere, including your neighborhood parks. If you visit Stone Creek Park, be sure to bring a bug net, binoculars, and a camera!


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