Rockwall Appreciates Our Veterans

November 28, 2018
by Andrew Ainsworth

Did you know many of our Seniors that participate in activities at The Center are Veterans of the War in Vietnam and other conflicts?

We wanted to do something special with our veteran’s this year, so we sat down and asked a few of them if they would tell us about their time in the service.
Below you will see 5 different videos of veterans that served in different capacities. The videos have been edited to feature their stories and are not full cuts of the conversations in their entirety.
Please join us in thanking these brave men for their service.

The videos include;

  • Bronze Star recipient
  • Spy Plane Radar Operate whose plane was 30 seconds from running out of fuel of the coast of N. Vietnam
  • Air Force member that fueled Gary Francis Powers’ famous U2 Plane
  • Navy Member touched by a man over board call
  • and many more interesting stories that our veterans spoke about.


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