Swim Lesson Registration Open for Summer 2019

March 25, 2019
by Andrew Ainsworth

Why is it important for my child to take swimming lessons?

Simply put, swim lessons “significantly reduce the risk of drowning” says the USA Swimming Foundation. Something as simple as “Bobbing” or bouncing off the bottom of the pool to get your head above water for air can be life saving. Children can start getting familiar in and around the water as young as 6 months old. At 6 months we call it “Mommy & Me”, a parent(s) will get into the pool with their child and learn activities they can do to help their little one get used to being in the water. This is helpful so that as the child grows they have a solid foundation of being comfortable in the water. Things like blowing bubbles and kicking will set them up to be successful later much faster.

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What will my child learn in swim lessons?

Every child learns at a different pace, and so on the 1st day we do a swim evaluation to see where your child’s skill level is and if the class they are registered for is the best fit for them. We want every child to finish their 2nd week of class with a sense of accomplishment and so its important they are placed in the correct level for their skill level. We operate under a 8:1 student to teacher ratio, and a 4:1 student to teacher ratio for our 4 years and under classes. Here is a list of some of the skills kids will learn during their swim lessons with us:

  • Submerging nose, eyes, and mouth w/o swallowing water
  • Blowing Bubbles/Holding Breath
  • Front & Back Float
  • How to wear a life jacket
  • Front & Back Gliding
  • How to use a kickboard
  • Rotary Breathing
  • Front & Back Stroke
  • Dolphin Kick
  • Breast Stroke
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Sidestroke
  • Open Turn
  • Treading Water
  • Basic Emergency Action Plan
  • Diving
  • Bobbing(safety jumps)

I want my kid to take swim lessons, how does it work?

The City of Rockwall offers affordable swim lessons over the summer at Harry Myers Pool (815 East Washington). The classes operate Monday – Thurs for 2 week sessions. The class times are between 9:00 am -12:00 pm or 5:30 – 8:30 pm. You can see the class schedule below. Our classes are taught by certified American Red Cross Lifeguards that undergo our swim lesson training.

Class Fees:

$59 per swimmer / $39 per swimmer (discounted resident fee)

Swim Lesson Level Descriptions:

Mommy and Me- Come and share the pool with your baby! Our certified lifeguards will work with you to introduce your young child to the water. Instructors will teach parents how to enter and exit the water safely with your child, along with the proper ways to hold your child while helping them swim.


Pool Pals- Bring your toddler to City of Rockwall Pools for an energy filled class that will help them get comfortable with the water. We will introduce putting their face under water, arm and leg techniques, and how to enter and exit the water safely.


Advanced Pool Pals- Perfect for toddlers comfortable in the water. Our talented lifeguards will be using songs and games to introduce arm and leg techniques, along with how to hold your breath under water, and floating. This class will give your child confidence to go under water.


Level 1- This class will start out with a skills test. If your child is placed in Level 1, they will then learn the basic arm and leg techniques, front and back floats, along with getting comfortable jumping into the water at all depths, all while having fun with classmates and teachers.


Level 2- This class will start off with a skills test. If your child is placed in Level 2, they will then continue to learn, and perfect fundamental swimming skills for front crawl. They will also learn front and back gliding, and recovery, and will begin to learn arm and leg techniques for backstroke.


Level 3- This class is for students that have mastered the front crawl, and back stroke. Students will start to learn rotary breathing, or side breathing, for front crawl, and continue to perfect arm and leg techniques for backstroke, while also learning arm and leg techniques for breast stroke.


Level 4- This class is for students that are strong swimmers, it will be held only in the deep end of the pool. Students will continue to perfect their front crawl, rotary breathing, and backstroke, along with leg and arm techniques of breaststroke, while beginning to learn the basic techniques of diving.


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