RBSL Coaches Clinics

Whether you are a first year coach or a veteran coach; Redline Athletics has tailored this clinic to help improve your coaching ability. During this clinic coaches will have the opportunity to learn form both highly qualified Redline professionals as well as each other. Clinic will cover the following topics: Full Movement Preparation Routine- A [...]

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This program is continual, registration is always open

RBSL Speed & Agility Camp

This is a great opportunity for athletes to get in shape for the upcoming spring season. Participants will learn knowledge and techniques that will help them improve athletic performance.   Camp will focus on: Movement Preparation Acceleration Deceleration/Reacceleration Jump Training Power Development Core Strength Conditioning     February 10th & 11th 12:30-2:00pm Cost: $30/$20 (Discounted Resident [...]

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This program is continual, registration is always open

Camps & Clinics

RBSL will host various camps and clinics through out the year. These camps are designed to increase the athletes fundamental and positional skills. Our specialized instructors work with small groups to increase each players throwing, hitting, pitching, catching, and more.

2018 Camps & Clinics

The RBSL will be partnering with RedLine Athletics to provide several great camps and clinics.

Preseason Skills and Drills Camp:

The goal for this camp is to prepare players for the upcoming season. We will focus on the fundamentals of the game. Training will include:

  • Hitting
  • Fielding
  • Base running
  • Catch Play
  • Baseball Specific Conditioning

Speed & Agility Camps: 

In these camps athletes will go through scientifically structured routines to help improve:

  • Movement Preparation
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration/Reacceleration
  • Jump Training
  • Power Development
  •  Core Strength
  • Conditioning

Coaches Clinics:

Coaches clinics are designed to assist coaches in designing there practices and pregame plans. These clinics will act as open forms where coaches can share knowledge and information.  Clinics will touch on:


  • Full Movement Preparation Routine- A proper warm up is key to having a quality Practice. RedLines warm up focuses on muscle activation, once muscles are activated we will begin our dynamic warmup. Coaches will be provided and participate in a total body warm up. Using a proper warm up routine day in and day out will improve athletic ability over the course of the season.
  • Catch Play- We will discuss the importance of catch play and how we can improve on it. Proper catch play is also the first step to learning how to pitch. By putting an emphasis on the quality of our catch play we can set our players up for success. We will go over drills and games that can be used to make catch play more fun and effective.
  • Defensive Drills- We will go over a variety of defensive drills designed to improve infield/outfield play. Coaches will  have a chance to share and discuss drills they use to improve their teams playing ability. By sharing knowledge and learning from each other we can improve play throughout the league.

Latest News

Latest News

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