Q: How do I check what age division my child should play in?

A: Use the USSSA Age Calculator (click here)


Q: Do all coaches need to perform USSSA Background checks?

A: Yes. Click here for the Background check procedure form


Q: When do games start?

A: Spring games will begin the week of March 15th. 



Q: When do practices start?

A: Practice will start the week of February 22nd. 




Q: When does season end?

A: Season will end in May (exact date depends on amount of rainouts during season)




Q: What day of the week will we play games? 

A: ALL T-Ball will play on Saturday mornings

     ALL older ages will play according to the coaches preference and league availability 




Q: How do you place kids on teams?

A: 4/5U-8U will be blind drafted in the Spring.  Each kid will be placed on a team according to one of the following: 

      Friend requests, school, coach request, age, and birthday.

9U-14U will be asked to participate in “draft day”. Draft day will take place on February 13th. 





Q: Where are all the games played?

A: All games will be played on any City owned fields, mainly taking place at Leon Tuttle Athletic Complex. 




Q: How many practices will there be?

A: Coaches will have the ability to schedule their own practices. We recommend coaches schedule at least one practice a week. It will be up to coaches if they would like to have more. 




Q: What is the difference between Select and Draft?

A: Draft is for players that have not been placed on a specific (already determined) select team. 

     Select is for players that have been placed on a full team. 




Q: How do players get assigned to a team?

A: 4/5U-7/8U- During the registration process it will ask you if your player would like to request a friend, coach, or team. It will also as what school they attend. We will place kids on specific teams according to what answer is placed on those questions. 

      9U and up will be placed on a team according to the draft. After the draft players who are not able to attend will be placed based on the same criteria as the younger ages. 




Q: When will I find out what team my child has been placed on?

A: Your coach will contact you once all rosters are finalized and sent out. No later than February 25th. 





For any other questions please call 972-771-7740 or email [email protected]



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