Team & Player Market Place

Looking for a Select Team? Below you will find contact information for select teams!

If you are a RBSL Select Team and would like to be added to this list please send your information to

6U MCP RC Avengers (Select)

Looking For 2 More Competitive Baseball Players For The 2017 Rockwall Fall League.


Contact:  Coach Tea


Phone:   (469)969-9049



Team Information:

For more information contact Coach Tea.

13/14U Rams (Select)

Looking for players to fill our select team this fall.

Contact: Coach Isaac

Phone: 208-871-5017

Team information:

looking for all positions, Pitchers and catchers are always in need. Contact coach Issac for tryout information.

13/14U Rebels (Select)

Looking for 1 or 2 competitive players to fill our fall roster for both league and tournament play.


Contact: Coach Sims

Phone: 716-207-3009



Team information:

The Rockwall Rebels are here to lead and develop awesome young men and amazing Baseball Players!!! Learn advanced mechanics and advanced levels of diamond Play, we pride ourselves in coaching players to reach the next level of play and beyond & to always perform at their best. Call, text or E-mail coach Sims for tryout information.

6U Modified Coach Pitch (Select)

Looking for 3 competitive players to fill our 6U MCP roster for fall league and tournament play.


Contact: Coach Sims

Phone: 716-207-3009



Team information:

The Rockwall Rebels are here to lead and develop awesome young men and amazing baseball players!!! Start here with a strong foundation and great mechanics to reach the next level of play. Call, Text, or E-mail Coach Sims for tryout information.

10U Rockwall Diamondbacks (Select)

Looking for all position to help fill our 2017 fall league roster.


Contact: Coach Charlebois

Phone: 972-333-9506


Team information:

For tryout information contact coach Charlebois.

7U Dallas Tigers East (Select)

Looking for competitive players to fill our Fall select team roster.


Contact: Coach Mike Payton

Phone: 817-944-8756



Team info: For tryout information please contact Coach Mike.

8U Texas Faith (Select)

Looking for Fall league and tournament players.


Contact : Mark Wise

Cell – 469-235-6450


Texas Faith 8U is looking for competitive players for the Rockwall Fall season. We are a new team looking to grow talented players. We will play tournaments and if you are looking for a select team contact Coach Wise for tryout information.



13/14U Redline Athletics (Select)

Looking for 4-5 more player to join the team for Fall league & Tournament play.


Contact: Coach Ray

Phone: (480) 239-6019



Team Information:

The Redline Athletics are looking for players that are focused and dedicated to improving. Redline’s focus is on doing things the right way from warming up to playing the game. If you are dedicated and looking for a place to play this fall give coach Ray a call.


10U Garland Bombers (Select)

Looking for 5-6 players for Rockwall Fall League play.


Contact: Efrain Rodriguez

Phone: 214-802-0840



Team Information:

Contact Coach Rodriguez for tryout information.

8U Vipers (Select)

Looking for a couple of players for Fall league play.



Contact: Coach Chase Hiebsch

Phone: (316) 207-3703


Team Information:

We are looking for a couple of boys to fill out our fall league roster. 7 or 8 year olds welcome. A good attitude and work ethic are essential for success. Please contact Coach Chase Hiebsch for a tryout.


13/14U Heat (Select)

Looking for 3-4 players for Rockwall Fall league play.



Contact: Coach Riley Fitzgerald

Phone:  214-952-2987



Team information:

Contact Coach  Fitzgerald for a tryout.

8U Longhorns (select)

Looking for 3 fall players for league and tournament play.



Contact: Coach Lane Woolly

Phone:  2146762057




Team information:

Contact Coach Woolly for tryout information.