Parachute Jumpers @ Rockwall 4th of July Celebration

July 8, 2019
by Andrew Ainsworth

American Legion hosts Dallas Sky Diving Center @ Rockwall 4th of July Celebration

This year’s 4th of July Celebration was one to go in the history books! Prior to the fireworks show 4 members of the Dallas Sky Diving Center jumped from an R4D Airplane.

One of the sky divers pulled an American flag from his foot and another pulled a Texas flag from his. These talented sky divers fell from the sky and glided down onto the baseball fields at Harry Myers.

This was an incredible spectacle and I can’t say enough about how impressed everyone on site was at their talents.

We’d like to say thank you to the Terry Fisher American Legion Post 117 for organizing the jump with the DSDC and the City for our guests to enjoy.


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