Mayors Monarch Pledge

Rockwall Mayor Kevin Fowler joined fellow mayors from across North Texas, and throughout the United States in taking the 2022 Mayors’ Monarch Pledge to take action to help save the monarch butterfly, an iconic species whose populations have declined by 90% in the last 20 years.  Through the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, cities and municipalities are committing to create habitat and educate citizens about how they can make a difference at home.

By taking the pledge, Mayor Fowler is committing to both restore habitat in Rockwall and encourage our citizens to do the same.  Mayors who have taken the Monarch Pledge must commit to implement at least three action items within a year of taking the pledge.  Mayor Fowler’s action plan will include:

  1. Launch a public communication effort to encourage citizens to plant monarch gardens at their homes or in their neighborhoods.
  2. Convene City park and public works department staff and identify opportunities for revised mowing programs and milkweed/native nectar plant planting programs.
  3. Plant a monarch-friendly demonstration garden at City Hall or another prominent location.
  4. Launch a program to plant native milkweeds and nectar plants in school gardens by engaging students, teachers, and the community.
  5. Engage with community garden groups and urge them to plant native milkweeds and nectar-producing plants.
  6. Display educational signage at monarch gardens
  7. intigrate Monarch butterfly conservation into the city park master plan

“In June 2015, the City Council adopted Parks & Recreation Strategic Initiatives that include habitat enhancements that promote a healthy and enjoyable park system through increasing and preserving native wildlife.  The Mayor’s Monarch Pledge encourages citizen involvement, education, and preservation while simultaneously achieving an established goal of the City,” said Mayor Jim Pruitt

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