The Staff

The City of Rockwall’s Parks & Recreation Department is a contributor of Rockwall’s reputation as a city of excellence.  Parks and Recreation enhances the lives of residents and visitors by offering outstanding parks, trails, and facilities, a variety of programs, special events and activities that contribute to health, well-being and quality of life in Rockwall.

Recreation Superintendent, Andrew Ainsworth


I’m originally from Round Rock just north of Austin. I’m a 2011 graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station(Whoop!). I love to be outside and probably my greatest outdoor activity would have to be fishing or camping. I like to kayak fish on Phelps Lake here in Rockwall or on Hubbard if the weather is nice.

Recreation Coordinator, Drew Jones

I have lived in the Midwest my entire life, but have lived most of it in Michigan.  I attended Central Michigan University where I received my degree in Recreation.  My wife and myself moved down here at the end of 2015 and love our new surroundings.  I love sports and could talk about it all day.  I am very active in Disc Golf and you can catch me out at Harry Myers Park Disc Golf Course.

Recreation Assistant, Angelica Gamez

I am a proud Rockwall native currently completing a degree in Finance. I enjoy watching and attending Texas Rangers baseball games and Dallas Mavericks basketball games with my friends and family. Working out is my stress reliever and the gym is where you’ll normally find me after work.

Parks & Recreation Admin Assistant, Wendy Young

Hi!  I am a proud Texas native.  I probably love working and living here more than anyone you know! I have been working in city government for 17 years and in Rockwall the past 5.  I enjoy watching my kids play sports and attending sporting events with my family.  My hobbies are fishing, kayaking, and walks (and sometimes running) in our beautiful parks.

Athletic Supervisor, David Wilson

Hey you guys! I was born and raised in Michigan, I have lived in Texas for 3 years. I attended Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips) where I received a degree in Recreation. I was raised with one foot out the door, typically didn’t come home until the street lights came on. I love hiking, fishing, boating, rock climbing, running, disc golf, and the list goes on; If its outdoors you can count me in!